Erotica Poet Tells Sisters How to Turn Men On

Erotica Poet Tells Sisters How to Turn Men On
Wooing your man begins outside the bedroom, says Poet G.P.A. (Posed by professional models.)

G.P.A., the Greatest Poet Alive, author of the Book of 24 Orgasms, tells rolling out that women should begin the wooing process long before they make it to the bedroom.

Erotica Poet Tells Sisters How to Turn Men On
G.P.A., author of the Book of 24 Orgasms

Why did you write the Book of 24 Orgasms?

I’m fortunate to be friends with a lot of beautiful women, and they complain about the lack of sexual satisfaction, not understanding that the physical is the aftermath; sexual satisfaction is mental. My book of poetry — without any vulgar or offensive references, just vivid literary terms that relate to relations, helps that along.

What are some things women can do to turn men on?

Women can turn men on by doing very simple things. She should use her voice, her soft tone, as opposed to the one that has a lot of coarseness to it.

Appreciate some things about him, say, “hey, I like that shirt on you.” Or, “you look very handsome today.” We are simple creatures, animalistic in our nature, and women being the higher form of our creation, we want to hear that from you.

We try our best to aspire to please you. That’s why we earn, we drive, we work out some of us, we dress well, get our hair cut, shave, we’ll do whatever we need to do so that you’ll see us. Even in your conversation, listen to him, even if you could care less.
Just the idea of, ‘how was your day? Are you alright?,’ will make him feel like, wow, I can breathe. I don’t have to walk on eggshells. You’re not yelling at me, you’re my supporter.

This is [the scenario] in my poem, Wait For Me, a man is speaking to a woman, he’s trying to work hard and earn more, he’s trying to be better because he came from a bad relationship and he’s asking her to wait because she’s so worthy, she’s so quality. She’s so good, intelligent, beautiful and God-fearing, so he asks her to wait for me, so that I can catch up and be right for you.

Do men still like the thrill of the chase?
Yes. That’s why I write poetry. I love for a woman to smile, and if she thinks or feels that I’m talking to her, I want her to feel that way. And if it’s a woman that I have a specific interest in, I want her to feel like I’m coming for her. I want her to feel like I’m the Dark Knight and I fend off all challenges because I’m the one for you and you’re the one for me.

In some cases, don’t make it so arduous but don’t make it easy. There’s a happy medium, that’s the nature of things.

What is one truth you wish black women understood about black men?
Sisters need to understand that we need you. We can’t make it without you.

To learn more about G.P.A. and the Book of 24 Orgasms, visit

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