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Profound Touch Owner Cheryl Harris’ 5 Tips for Massage Virgins

Profound Touch Mobile Spa owner Cheryl Harris

A good massage may be beneficial to your health. Numerous studies have found that massage successfully combats stress, muscle tension, anxiety, depression and in some cases, can assist with blood pressure control.

“Massage improves posture, sleep, reduces chronic pain; realign physical structure; increases blood flow; increases body awareness; increase range of motion within the body and so much more,” says Cheryl Harris, owner of the Profound Touch Mobile Spa in Chicago.

As a mobile spa provider, Harris’ clients will always have time to get their muscles toned, all they have to do is make an appointment.

Harris received massage therapy training in 2003 at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, now known as Cortiva.

“I received 750 hours of anatomy, physiology and pathology; massage therapy and practice; and professional development,” Harris tells rolling out. “Myofascial release therapy is my expertise. It’s a treatment that is used to work the connective fascia [tissue] from superficial layer of tissue to deep. It releases chronic pain [tissue restriction] to eliminates pain and restore motion.”

Cheryl Harris shares tips for those receiving their first massage.

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