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Entertainment » Octavia Spencer Day Declared in Alabama

Octavia Spencer Day Declared in Alabama

Octavia Spencer was in her home state of Alabama on March 21 to celebrate the first annual “Octavia Spencer Day.”

The Oscar-winning actress was recognized in Montgomery, Ala., by a throng of fans and was serenaded by the band from her former high school.

According to The Associated Press, Spencer arrived in a pink limo wearing a purple dress for the occasion.

Multiple speakers sang praises to the actress, including Gov. Robert Bentley and state House Speaker Mike Hubbard who charged her to make sure that her next movie was filmed her in home state.

State Rep. Terry Collins, who sponsored a bill to increase incentives for filmmakers making movies in Alabama, was also on hand for the festivities.

In addition to thanking lawmakers for the honor, Spencer said she looked forward to making more movies in the Deep South state.

Spencer’s award-winning turn as a feisty maid in The Help, inspired “Octavia Spencer Day.”