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Female Success Factor’s Digital S.H.E.: The Down and Dirty Marketing Plan

Package your experience and get busy.

Sonja N. Williams, Founder, ShockTheory  Interactive advises: “The reality is that you don’t have a whole bunch of time. First of all, I want to know what my goal is, and how will I get to that goal? If you don’t have any experience doing what you want to do, go out and do it free for a while. Go out and do it free for a while and then you can build your case studies. Put your portfolio together; people sometimes, don’t care about your journey, they just want to know that you got there. People will give you testimonials. What you have is your experience, package up your experience and pass it around.

“If I had no clients, I would put my portfolio together and say, ‘hey, here’s my portfolio and let me know if you hear of anything.’

“Also, go to LinkedIn, you have a network, use it.”

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