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‘Think Like A Man’ Red Carpet Atlanta Premiere featuring: Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Steve Harvey, Terrence J, Michael Ealy and more

The male stars of Think Like A Man gave sound advice on the red carpet during the Atlanta premiere last night, and rolling out was there.

Here are the rules, collectively, from Michael Ealy, Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart: Never let a man know everything too soon. Never let a man have full control of the relationship. Tell the truth, always. Listen to what the man tells you, and don’t sweeten what you’ve heard.

The beautiful Gabrielle Union, clad in canary yellow, gave her tip: “And always behave like a lady.”

After the red carpet ended, a black Mercedes van pulled up. Several huge security men piled out, and a crowd of onlookers surrounded the van.

Of course it was a celebrity inside, but who? Women screamed and nearly fainted under the 90-degree heat when a buff Nelly and TI emerged from the van and strolled the carpet; a hot-as-fire ending to a scorching red carpet.

(Photos by Donna Permell)

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