Memphitz and K. Michelle Give Back-to-Back Abuse Allegations Interviews

Memphitz and K. Michelle Give Back-to-Back Abuse Allegations Interviews

Memphitz and K. Michelle Give Conflicting Stories on Alleged Abuse

The back-and-forth between a ‘Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’ star and her ex has reached new heights now that both parties are attempting to pubicly clear their names. K. Michelle and her ex-boyfriend Memphitz battled it out on V-103 Atlanta Monday with conflicting stories about their past relationship. According to the record exec turned husband of Toya Carter, his time with the singer was “forced” on her behalf, more than that however he claims that he never laid a finger on her. On last week’s premiere of “Love and Hip-Hop,” Michelle alleged that her record exec ex abused her but never called out Memphitz by name.

Speaking with radio host Egypt Sherrod, Memphitz alleged that he and the singer dated for around six months after she “insisted” that they be together. He was insistent today however that there was no violence between them.”Was the relationship volatile?,” asked the mid-day host. “Volatile as in violent? No. I’ve never hit a girl in my life,” he responded. “I can’t even spank my daughter and that’s what I’m trying to tell you. I have never hit a girl in my life. I have held a girl from swinging and hitting me.”

Memphitz and K. Michelle Give Back-to-Back Abuse Allegations Interviews
Memphitz and his wife Toya Carter

In addition to denying claims that he beat K. Michelle, the producer who says he’s “loved girls too much” added that he was a victim of abuse himself. “Did K. Michelle put her hands on you?,” Sherrod asked. “Yes. I’m getting emotional because I’m remembering this stuff,” was Hitz’ response. “Even in times when girls have hit me, the only thing I’ve ever done is hold those arms down from swinging.” He would later add that another name abused the singer and even alleged that she was a victim of sexual assault.”K. Michelle was abused,” said Hitz.”She used to tell me stories of some guy who used to fight her like a man. She told me she was raped once.”

Before leaving the show, Memphitz made a final allegation, there’s a recorded phone call that he plans on releasing to clear his name entirely. “It’s gonna be water under the bridge as soon as I give you this phone call that I have on tape,” said Hitz. “It’s not me talking it’s not another guy talking. After you hear it I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’ve said my piece, that’s not who I am. […] You’re not gonna slander my name in the name of you trying to prosper.”

Following Hitz’ testimony with the station, the woman of the hour called in herself with guns blazing. A tearful K. Michelle told radio host Ryan Cameron that she was fed up with being called a liar and gave a shocking allegation; Memphitz threatened to kill her child. “If anybody has followed me for the past three years I have been an advocate for domestic violence. I haven’t even been out of my record deal for even a year. […] I had to give up all the text messages and everything to get out of it [her record deal]. “He threatened to kill my child if I ever told anyone. It’s not right, I understand how this music business goes,” she said between tears. “I understand if you see somebody on the T.V. you think you know them, I went threw so much and for people to try and call me a liar, it’s a lot for any woman to go through.”

Memphitz and K. Michelle Give Back-to-Back Abuse Allegations Interviews
K. Michelle

When asked to respond to Memphitz’ claims that he “never hit a woman in his life”, the emotional singer pulled herself together enough to release details on her alleged abuse. “Ryan Cameron that man smothered me with a towel, took a towel, put it over my face,” said Michelle. “I’m crawling out the room, he smothered me again. He hit me with a water bottle.”

The singer would later add that she called authorities to the scene but declined to press charges.

Both Memphitz and his wife Toya have responded to K. Michelle’s interview. “Now I get to sit back with you all and watch The Devil get outta this 1.  #listencarefully& You will be Set Free,” wrote Hitz. “Wow” he later tweeted. His wife Toya also chimed in and simply said, “#ICant.”

The drama between these two is continuing to unfold and it’s only been the first episode of the program. Who do you believe? -danielle canada 

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