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Reality TV Hits New Low; Meet ‘The Real Mistresses of Atlanta’


Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the city of Atlanta, a trailer for another reality show set in the metropolitan has surfaced. As previously predicted, another group of real ladies are coming forward to really embarrass the Peach State with their ridiculous new reality show. On late Tuesday, Memphitz, the husband of Toya Wright, released a preview of his forthcoming “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta” detailing the lives of virtually unemployed, virtually shameless women willing to exploit themselves on camera as concubines of wealthy men.

Included in the lineup of “mistresses,” none of which appear to be actual Atlanta natives, is Maliah Michel, the ex-girlfriend of rappers Drake and Sean Kingston, who’s famous for her pole skills at a Houston strip club. Following that there’s a homosexual man named Branden who’s claimed to have bedded actors and athletes, and French model Rosee who picks out a condominium on the dime of an unnamed NBA baller.

Mistress Mary Jane makes no apologies about her second choice lifestyle and tells the camera that she’ll gladly dish out advice to wives to keep their men at home.  “If I were ever approached by a wife, there’s no argument. There’s no fight,” said Jane. “I would sympathize with her dearly, but if it’s anything you need from me, you need to know what I’m doing to have your man coming to me.”

None of these characters compares however to Sarah Oliver. Oliver, a Caucasian “model” who’s by far the sluttiest woman to be put on camera, reality TV or otherwise, makes her debut on the program by making disparaging comments about black women. “Who wants black p—-? Nobody wants that s—,” She is also seen getting injections put into her behind to look more like the very women she clearly despises.What a hypocrite.

Sarah Oliver

“Real Mistresses” is just another example of how easy it is to find women desperate enough for fame that they’ll willingly shuck and jive as long as somebody’s watching. Most disappointing however is that it comes at the hands of the same man who just days ago was defending himself against K. Michelle’s abuse allegations and crediting the Lord for “seeing him through” the situation. That same man is also the husband of a beautiful Black woman and has beautiful Black daughters, so why then would he let comments like Sarah Oliver’s fly? Memphitz, you’ve officially hit [no pun], a new low.

Nonetheless if you don’t mind wasting 8 minutes of your precious life, watch the “Real Mistress of Atlanta” trailer below. We can almost hear people getting their petitions ready; this show makes “Love & Hip Hop” look like child’s play.


Are you still curious about the cast? Check out some brief bios and pictures of them below.

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1 Comment

  1. Lilhoney_30 on July 19, 2012 at 3:28 am

    Bs, all b***s**t. The new podium for trash that is putting beautiful, intelligent, deserving black women in a bad spotlight because of the mess, the tramps and worthless ass women these women are portraying that most of society think all black women act like this. How can a person with a wife and daughters think this is good business? Sinking to a new low is definitely the case with this. Shame on whoever gave the green light on this.