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Jessica Simpson and 12 Surprising Celebrity Weight Gains and Losses

Few people in the last few years have been scrutinized with such ferocity over their weight gains and losses as singer Jessica Simpson has. But such is her personal conundrum when she signed that $4 million deal with Weight Watchers to be the spokesperson and the celebrity face of the brand, as she attempts to lose weight after the birth of her second child.

So far, things have not gone according to plans, but Simpson told the media that she is committed and expects to drop the baby weight. No timetable has been established and the hateration from some quarters is getting deafening.

Below, rolling out lists the 12 surprising celebrity weight gains in losses of the modern era with the help of Men’s Health.                  –terry shropshire


1. 50 Cent: A man of incredible willpower and self-determination, Curtis Jackson transformed himself from the sculpted rapper we’ve come to know into a scrawny, malnourished-looking shell of himself for a movie role.

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