The Top 5 Summer Haircuts for Black Men

Will Smith's dark taper style.

A barbershop is pivotal in a man’s life. Not only to keep up his appearances, but to have a sense of community. From a young age, a man can go to the barber and expect to have or hear an interesting conversation. Barbershop chatter is important to a man, and knowing what haircut to get is even more important. Rolling out stopped by Timeout at Shannon’s to talk about some of the most popular haircuts at their barbershop this summer.

Dark Taper Fade

The taper fade is a haircut that is very popular among men, but the dark taper fade has been requested a lot at Timeout. The dark taper fade is a haircut with thicker lines. The style works best if you a few inches of hair on your head, so the lines can be more prominent.

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