Mindless Behavior Launches Clothing Line at Kmart Store in Detroit

The R&B group Mindless Behavior appeared at a Kmart in Detroit recentlyt to launch its new clothing line at Kmart. Photo; Al Godis/Sears Corp.

Mindless Behavior Launches Clothing Line at Kmart

The R&B group Mindless Behavior, caused a frenzy at a Detroit area Kmart recently. Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton visited the Kmart store to mingle with fans while promoting their brand new line of teen apparel, exclusive to Kmart. The first 1,000 fans received autographs.

Rolling Out asked Mindless a few questions before the event.

Being a teenager in the entertainment/music industry must be exciting but stressful at times. How do you blow off steam?

Prod:     We just relax and visit family.

Roc:       Being a teenager in the music business is a good feeling, because it’s very exciting just to express our feelings to so many people and just show love. I stay grounded by not forgetting where I came from and where I don’t wanna go.

Prince: Being a teenager in this industry is really fun, but I blow off steam by self-therapy. I believe that as long as your mind is in place, then nothing else matters in life.

Ray Ray:  We have a great team around us …. Conjunction ENT. So we talk every day to stay grounded.

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