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Public Schools Spend Less Money on Every Black Student in America

America’s educational system continues to be plagued by racism. Nearly six decades after  Brown v. Board of Education made it illegal to deny equal educational opportunities, schools across America remain racially segregated. It’s also evident that many predominant minority schools lack the resources that are available at schools with majority white students. There is now data to back up that claim.

According to a report called ‘Unequal Education’ by the Center for American Progress, schools that have 90 percent or more minority students spend $733 less per student than schools with 90 percent white students enrolled.

The financial disparity stems from a loophole in the federal policy Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The act was created to give more funding for schools in poverty-stricken areas, but the law doesn’t take teacher salaries into account.

Teachers who work in low-income communities tend to make less than teachers who work in majority white schooled districts. As a result, funding at minority  schools are drastically less than funding given to majority white schools.


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  1. zobop republic on August 27, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    … And this is the why inner city people are being brainwashed into thinking Charter Schools are make thing s any better. Charter schools will spend even less money on teachers. [They’re non-union]. In the state of Illinois, Chicago is the only school district that DOESN’T have a democratically elected school board! Yep… less money will be spent on black students in the future!
    The future looks dark, you won’t need shades! 🙁