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Bobby V celebrates birthday with Bentley, Benzino, Jazze Pha and more


Bobby V celebrated his birthday at beautiful Bentley Dealership turned events center in Alpharetta, Ga.  As Bobby’s family and music industry guests made their way across the red carpet, guests snapped pictures with Benzino, Jazze Pha, Bernard Bronner, and many more.  While DJ Trauma kept the party going on the ones and twos, guests enjoyed complimentary Remy Martin cocktails. R&B singer and musician Bobby V stepped out of a red Bentley and made a grand entrance, only to be bombarded with cameras awaiting his arrival. Once Bobby V greeted guests, he honored the crowd with performances of some new music and of course our favorite Bobby V hits. Nearly everyone in the room plays an important role in the entertainment industry, but take a look at a few faces we spotted in the building.


The event was sponsored by Bentley, Remy Martin, Blu Killa Dreams, and Binge.




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