Kordell Stewart & Porsha Stewart - Rebound Cover

Kordell and Porsha Stewart’s divorce battle heated up recently when Porsha revealed that Stewart had kicked her out of their marital home and changed the locks. And although it seems like Porsha is the victim in their bitter breakup, Stewart claims that Porsha is to blame for her own problems, especially when it comes to her finances.

Stewart recently claimed that he didn’t kick Porsha out, but that she actually abandoned their home. And according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Stewart is refusing to give Porsha money to buy a new place because he claims Porsha is simply playing the role of a “locked out” victim to “make herself more marketable in the media.”

Stewart then provided his own account of the changed locks fiasco, in which he claims that he texted Porsha, telling her about the locks days before he changed them, adding “If and when you need to get in, give me a heads up.”

Stewart also claims that Porsha is free to get her belongings from their home any time she wants, but he refuses to buy her a new pad, saying that Porsha is strapped for cash and living with her mom due to her own “financial negligence.”

Stewart claims that Porsha failed to pay her own taxes and that her condo went into foreclosure because she spent her money on “grooming and clothing items” and he’s asking a judge to deny Porsha’s request for temporary financial assistance.

Can this romance get any more sour than it already it is? We’ll have to wait and see, but Porsha isn’t the only star who’s had financial problems after a breakup. Check out some other financially strapped stars below. –nicholas robinson


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