Everyday foods that can cause illness

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After a recent outbreak of hepatitis A from an organic frozen organic berry mix from Oregon-based, Townsend Farms sold at Cosco and Harris Teeter stores has sickened 61 people in seven states. The CDC, the Food and Drug Administration, the local state health departments and websites such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest collects and releases data for all foods that are reports  the contamination. Since 1971, they have kept the public informed, along with the CDC, of any food contaminants that may cause illness when consumed. As many people are trying to eat healthier and be more conscious of the foods they consume, some of the foods listed are quite disturbing. Websites such as CDC.org and CSPInet.org are always up-to-date with any outbreaks that may occur in your state.  The list below contains many everyday foods and most are FDA regulated. See which foods  hold the highest risk of causing foodborne illness outbreaks here in the U.S since 1990 here.

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