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Artist Interviews » Grand Hustle’s newest artist, Kris Stephens, talks new single

Grand Hustle’s newest artist, Kris Stephens, talks new single

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Name: Kris Stephens

Label: Grand Hustle

When did you know that you wanted to be a singer?

I started writing poetry when I was nine and performing solos in church and at school. Writing and singing goes hand and hand for me. Butterfly by Mariah Carey was one of my favorite albums her range inspired me a lot and when I found out that she wrote many of her records that made me love her on another level. When it comes to my style I don’t take from Mariah but she definitely had a lot to do with me wanting to do music. Aaliyah was also one of my favorite artists when I was coming up and I really wanted to show and say that by covering her hit song ”One in A Million” as a single which helped launch my career.

How would you describe your musical style?

My sound is very similar to Chris Brown in the way that he can put out a pop record but he can also cross over and put out an urban record. As a songwriter you have to be honest and write about your experiences. I’m mixed with black and white so being true to myself I like to create both styles of music. When I infuse pop with urban or hip-hop it makes me feel united and I think that in 2013, we shouldn’t be thinking that there should be just one genre of music for one group of people. In today’s society most of us are mixed with something or come from a very diverse background and I want to be the voice for that group of people.

What have been some of your favorite moments since joining T.I’s label?

The 106 park interview and the song compliments with Tank helped me build an even greater fan base and the huge amount of love that I have been shown is so humbling. Artists are people too. We get stressed and there are times when you can get discouraged but the love and support from everyone just makes me go harder and push through.  Another great moment was working with BOB in the studio. He is a musical genius! I mean he writes, he plays instruments, he sings and he’s a part of the “Hustle Gang” family so it makes me feel like I am a part of a really special movement right now.

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