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Alternative R&B singer Nai Br.xx explains the significance of performing live

Alternative R&B singer Nai Br.xx explains the significance of performing live
[Left to Right] Guitarist and R&B artist Nai Br.xx Photo Credit: Rolling out staff
Rolling out recently invited alternative R&B artist Nai Br.xx to a live performance. She later shared how performing live helps the songs come alive for her. Her goal is to make music that all people can connect to.

Name: Nai Br.xx]
Industry: Music
City: Atlanta
Genre: R&B

Favorite Artist: Mariah Carey

Describe who Nai Br.xx is in five words. Sultry, graceful, loving, honest, and growing.

Would you categorize yourself as a neo soul or jazz artist? Explain. I would categorize myself as an alternative R&B artist, but I do think I also fall into the neo soul category.

What made you get into the music industry as a singer? Seeing how influential music is, the fact that it’s able to connect [with] everyone made me fall in love with music. I just want to be able to use my gift for that, to give people a chance to connect and not feel so alone in this world.

Do you prefer to perform live or record in the studio? Explain. Performing for sure, because the songs are able to come alive. Recording, for me, is very important so trying to get the right take gets frustrating. Both have their pros and cons, but with performing I feel like I’m able to connect more.

What makes you stand out as an artist today? My live performances, I think I have a very unique voice. When people hear it live it gives them another level of appreciation for the music I make.

Any artists you would love to work with? Yes. Tyler the Creator and/or Frank Ocean.

What do you have coming up? I’m really in the creative process of making music right now, but definitely a single in between June and July.

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