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Beyoncé knows vampires exist

beyonce gold grill

There are vampires in the midst. Beyoncé can tell you it’s true. They’re those who will suck your blood and attempt to use you. People have arguments each and every day, often with loved ones: father, mother, sister or brother.

The bloodsuckers in the black community, how do we identify them today? Do we understand that when we celebrate a drug dealer, what we’re choosing to convey?

As they place a stake in the hearts and souls of those who walk the streets at night, selling their bodies or stealing their grandmother’s TV or ripping a check from their mother’s purse that’s out of her sight. Do we understand that these are vampires in our community?

We have a star, Rutina Wesley, on our cover and she means a lot to me. But the show “True Blood,” reflects on vampires that are preying on our community. There’s a reason that the message is important for you and I to share and see.

Every day vampires offer us trinkets and toys for us to be amused as we are hypnotized by materialism. They offer us things like payday loans and furniture for rent at high interest rates.rutina wesley true blood

These vampires are corporations too; they drain our blood, i.e., our economic power, wealth necessary for me and you.

There are those who are in business to drain our souls. They tend to try to control the idea of what is cool. At the end of the day, we are losing by becoming their prey.

The traps set by those vampires are designed to engage and hypnotize us. We begin to tap into them as though it’s something that can be erased. But, we don’t have the same option that others do, you see. Someone will pay for celebrities’ drinks in the clubs, but not for you and me.