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New York teacher rapes his 10-year-old student after deceiving her parents


A teacher in New York stooped to disgusting lows to have sex with his 10-year-old student. According to reports, 5th grade teacher, Anthony Criscuolo deceived the parents of the 10-year-old girl, who was a student in his class.

Criscuolo told the girl’s parents that she won an academic award and was taking her to the ceremony. However, there award ceremony did not exist. On June 17, Criscuolo left his wife and took the the girl to an empty parking lot at a school in Queens, New York. He parked his truck and raped her.

The girl’s mother found sexually explicit emails sent to the student and discovered that the teacher bought the child an iPad Touch and a diamond ring. Students who were interviewed revealed that the teacher passed notes to the girl and slow danced with her during a Valentine’s Day dance.

Criscuolo, who earned $73,000 per year was arrested on June 19. He will be terminated by the school system.