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7 reasons why Justice Department will not bring charges against George Zimmerman

justice for trayvon3President Obama and attorney general Eric Holder of the Justice Department are mired in a no-win situation. They are being asked — no, make that an ear-piercing demand — by the public to indict overzealous and racist neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on civil rights charges.

The problem is this: Obama and Holder and the FBI are being asked to perform a legal feat that the state of Florida was unable to do — find specific evidence that clearly outlines Zimmerman’s hatred of African Americans, and more specifically, Trayvon Martin.

Martin’s partents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, along with urbanites are looking for any type of redress for the most awful kind of grievances: the inexplicable shooting death of their son without much provocation or justification. Moreover, they find it simply unfathomable that Zimmerman could walk away unscathed after he overstepped his boundaries, stalked a young unarmed teen in the dark and ultimately pumped nine millimeter bullets into his heart.

Unfortunately for them, Holder must remain emotionally detached from the explosive episode and retain objectivity while following the letter of the law. And thus, these are the reasons why the U.S. Department of Justice will not bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman and, if they do, why they cannot win the case: 

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