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Tyra Banks refuses to diet despite too much cellulite


You won’t find Tyra Banks as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig anytime soon.

During a recent interview during the screening of the new America’s Next Top Model cycle, Tyra admitted to having too much cellulite at the moment but confessed that she does not believe in “diets.”

“To me, it’s like, I lost weight a couple of years ago and that just changed the way I ate, it changed the way I thought,” she explained. “I actually got too thin because I have tunnel vision. So when they said this is what you have to do, I was too strict, and I realized I needed to cheat way more because it didn’t look good. I didn’t realize I was too thin until I started seeing pictures and I thought, ‘Oh, I don’t like that. That doesn’t look good.’ I need some ass.”

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel and host of popular reality competition America’s Next Top Model recently opened up about the pressures to remain thin in Hollywood and why she decided to embrace her curves in hopes of showing others a more realistic figure especially for black women.

“I was at the height of my success when I was at my biggest,” she added. “So then I go, ‘Why am I shedding weight for press when, like, I told the world to kiss my fat ass and had Emmys and ‘Top Model’ was at its peak and I was on Time magazine’s top influential people two times in a row — all with a big ass!”

Tyra also she does not coach aspiring models to “diet” instead she keeps the house full of food and snacks that are typically off limits to models.

“We stock the house really bad, and then they complain, like, ‘We’re eating all this crap!’ For me, I don’t want them to feel all crazy like models in my day felt. I don’t care — gain some weight, whatever. I know how to choose a shot that’s the most flattering.”

It’s important that young girls today have a role model in Hollywood who doesn’t feel the need to be pencil thin to be successful. Health comes in all shapes in size for black women.

Check out photos of Tyra with and without a few extra pounds here.


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  1. Painfully Honest on August 11, 2013 at 9:38 am

    You all are wrong for using that picture on the third page on the right of the side by side comparison. It was proved that that photo was “doctored” and wasn’t true to her actual appearance. She even wore the same bathing suit next to the picture on her talk show as proof. Let’s try not to be like other gossip sites by spreading untruths. Also, proofreading two or three times before publishing will make a world of a difference. English 101.