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Male model files paternity suit against Kourtney Kardashian


Michael Girgenti, a male model, has filed a paternity suit against Kourtney Kardashian demanding a paternity test for her son, Mason.

The two had a quick affair during one of Kardashian and Scott Disick’s ‘off again’ moments after meeting during a photo shoot in 2008. Michael Girgenti alleges he had unprotected sex with the reality TV star back in March 2009, nine months before Mason was born.

Girgenti has made several attempts to reach out to Kardashian since the baby was born after taking notice from media photos that the three-year-old resembles him, however, Kardashian has consistently ignorned his calls, texts and emails.

There’s no need in calling “The Maury Povich Show” for this DNA mess. In the request Girgenti filed to the courts on today, he is requesting joint custody and asks the judge to order DNA tests for Kardashian, Disick, Mason and himself.

Do you think Girgenti is trying to get paid? Or do you think Mason really may be this male models baby?
Check out photos here of all parties to see who baby Mason resembles the most.

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  1. Just me on August 10, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    It’s funny because I was just talking to mt friend about this the other day now it’s on Rolling Out. I remember when this happen on there show KKM. Can’t wait for the DNA test.

  2. Sherri Etienne on August 12, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Oh God, when you put the baby in the middle like that its hard to say. I hopw Scott is Mason’s dad, but I’m mad at Kourtney for sleeping with this dude without a condom! Do women not value their lives or vajay-jays? I can’t with these girls!