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Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Niena Drake



DJ Niena Drake is frequently booked to spin at various high-profile events and parties around the country, so her musical palate has to be diverse enough to rock any room. The Chicago native/LA transplant absolutely loves music and says she can’t live without it. Not only is she a celebrity DJ, but she’s also an Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer.

As for her musical picks, she had this to say, “While, mainstream songs are great, I pride myself in giving my audience a taste of music they didn’t even know they needed in their life. Lately, I’ve been in a real soulful, R&B love song mood so my picks are what I’ve been listening to when I’m in that vibe and not playing the hottest club tracks. We’ll need to do another list for that …”


1. Mint Condition – “Believe In Us”: Mint Condition is one of my favorite bands of all time. While most people remember them for their hit, “Pretty Brown Eyes.” You MUST see them perform live. It’s a true experience that will make you appreciate real musicians. I’m a sucker for a great positive love song and this is one of them.


2. BJ The Chicago Kid – “Pineapple Now N’ Laters.” I play this from start to finish; I can’t say that about many projects. BJ is a natural talent. He was born with soul in his voice and I’m so thankful he’s sharing his talent with the world. While this has been out a while, I know there are many who still need to know about it. One of my favorite details is the way he included skits and intros into telling the story. “Dream II” is so powerful, it makes you want to just take over the world! This project is groovy, honest, inspiring, soulful and sexy. A total win from the moment you press play.

alice russell heartbreaker

3. Alice Russell – “Heartbreaker” Alice Russell can saaang! She sings with passion and you can feel her words through the speakers. Musically, it’s jazzy yet so soulful and has a melody you can’t forget. The drums in this song do something to me.


4. Jazzy – “Boomerang (Come Back)”: I love meeting new dope artists. We met at a recording studio in Los Angeles and I love this song! It’s been on repeat since I heard it. Anyone who has been in a relationship that’s hard to let go of can relate. It’s simple, sweet and smooth. I totally feel her on this one. Check her out and


5. Musiq Soulchild – “BeFriends” Wow … this song is so real. He took the words right out of my mouth. Musiq always has such great writing in his music. He will take you to church for real with the truth in his songs. This song could totally be a love letter – signed, sealed and delivered!

Niena is currently a contestant in the McDonalds #DJ #FlavorBattle She would appreciate your support. Feel free to vote once a day until voting ends on Nov.30.

For more information on DJ Niena Drake check out her website and follow her twitter @NienaDrake