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Charlie Sheen blasts Phil Robertson over homophobic comments

Charlie Sheen & Phil Robertson - Cover

Last week, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson the most controversial county bumpkin in the nation when he made racist and anti-gay comments in an infamous interview with GQ magazine. Since then, Robertson has been suspended from his TV show and the “Duck Dynasty” cast has been enduring a firestorm of media criticism over the controversy. Many expected some of Hollywood’s most liberal stars to frown upon Robertson’s comments, the whole world was forced to drop their jaws this weekend when legendary Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen, whose potty mouth has gotten him in trouble many times, spoke out against Robertson in an epic Twitter rant.

Sheen began posting his rant on Saturday and dug into Robertson with a slew of high-brow and slow-brow insults about everything from his education level to job to his family.

Charlie Sheen - Phil Robertson Rant 1-001

Charlie Sheen - Phil Robertson Rant 2-001

Well, Sheen needed to get that bit of anger and repulsion off of his chest; considering how the Robertson famly is standing behind the family patriarch and even standing against their employer, A&E (they refuse to do the show without Phil). We doubt that they’re fazed by Sheen’s words.

In any case, Sheen deserves praise for loudly speaking out in defense of the LGBT community.

And Robertson isn’t the only celeb who’s said offensive things about the LGBT community. Check out some other offenders below. – nicholas robinson


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  1. joejoe on December 26, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    I believe sheen was speaking for black people, too.

  2. 207 UP IN THE WOODS on January 1, 2014 at 5:14 am

    Charlie Sheen is a fucking idiot and a drug addict Phil is a Collage graduate as are all the other men in his family with the exception of Si who spent his “College Years” fighting in Vietnam. We dont all live in a cocain covered fairy tale world. Its a sad day when being a outdoors men and a Christian makes you a target for slander since this country was founded on the Bible and guns