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Black family’s house is demonic

Latoya Ammons and mother Rosa Campbell
Latoya Ammons and mother Rosa Campbell talk about demonic house.

A black family in Indiana has experienced a true supernatural occurence; their house was not haunted it was demon possessed . The family has told stories of demonic possession, items flying across the room and kids walking up the walls backwards. What makes these stories believable is that law enforcement, emergency rescue, clergy and social workers have all witnessed the events and confirmed what was happening.

The family of Latoya Ammons has been tormented for the past year in their modest home by scenes reminiscent of films Amityville Horror, Exorcist and Poltergeist combined. Ms. Ammons has witnessed her daughter levitating off the bed and oil like fluid dripping from the walls. In one episode, her 9 year old son in the grips of a demonic possession was rushed to the emergency room terrifying the doctors. While in the hospital, her son could not be restrained. He broke free, walked up the wall, did a backwards flip, threw her into the wall and then started attacking her. The doctor said, “That’s not real, that’s not human. No human can do what that little boy just did.”

Police officers and social workers have visited the home and have encountered the same types of events. They reported feeling like they were being choked, slapped and hearing demonic voices. In one instance, a social services worker visited the home and touched the fluid coming from the walls; what happened next made her not return to the home. Her finger turned grey and numb like it was dead. The worker called police and Gary, Indiana police captain Charles Austin responded to the call. Like many, he was skeptical until he saw lights flickering, electronic devices turning on by themselves and swarms of dead flies. But what frightened him the most was a demonic voice that said, “hey” in an empty basement. Video footage and pictures taken in the house showed shadowy figures standing around the captain and some images disappeared from the still camera. Finally, a catholic priest was called to help. At first he was skeptical until he witnessed many of the same events. Father Maginot of the Gary Diocese had to get permission from his bishop to perform two exorcisms.  explained, “Ghostly things are easier to deal with, a lot of the time as Catholics you can have a mass, pray for them, tell them to go into the light, not to be afraid. But demons are different. You’re inviting in guests from other realms and they don’t necessarily want to leave.’’

Father Maginot performed the rituals in the basement where most of the events occurred. The Ammons family reported no further demonic attacks and has moved from the home. Currently, there are new tenants at the house but they have not reported any problems.

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