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NeNe Leakes says dating other men proved Gregg was the one

NeNe Leakes & Gregg Leakes 2nd Cover

NeNe Leakes has been through hell and back with her husband, Gregg Leakes. After more than a decade of marriage, the couple broke up in 2011 in a very public divorce. But after two years apart, the couple remarried again last year. During their time apart NeNe made it no secret that she was dating other men, but in a new interview, NeNe reveals that it was the other men in her life that made her realize that her husband was the one.

In a new interview with “Access Hollywood,” NeNe and Leakes talked about their road to reuniting and explained that they’re in a far better place than they were in the past.

“I think everything is resolved but we’re just like any other married couple, we still have our own little personal issues. There’s things that I love about Gregg and he loves about me; there’s also things I don’t like about him that he probably doesn’t like about me!” NeNe said.

NeNe added that things are different this time around and that both appreciate each other more.

“This is love, this is real. We’re grown adults,” NeNe said. “This is my partner for life. I think Gregg and I are a great balance for each other.”

NeNe says that during their split it took some time to realize how much she still loved Leakes. But while she was dating other men, including Famiglia pizza king John Kolaj, she realized that no other man compared to Leakes.

“When we were apart I dated and I was just like, ‘Uh uh this is not going to work.’ We’re a great balance for each other, he challenges me and we’re great for each other,” NeNe said.

And for Leakes, now that he has NeNe back, his love for her knows no bounds.

“It would take less time for me to tell you what I don’t love about her … I just love her, she’s my wife,” Leakes said.

Well, NeNe and Leakes certainly weren’t the only couple who just couldn’t stay away from each other. Check out these other couples who reconciled after the cut. – nicholas robinson

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