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Nicki Minaj disrespects Malcolm X: We deserve restitution, not apologies

malcolm x nicki minaj looking ass niggas

Nicki Minaj is responsible for an insulting spectacle made of one of our legends in front of white people. There should be criminal indictments made for the potential image-destroying portrayal of a historic figure, Malcolm X, citing copyright infringement and misusing an iconic image for her single, “Lookin A– N—az.” Malcolm X’s sacrifices are now being mocked. I’m inquisitive and would like to know what will she sacrifice? An apology will not suffice. Sacrifice something, Nicki. Maybe 10 years of income to repair the injury to our history, your history.

Minaj besmirched the legacy of an iconic freedom fighter, not just as a martyr — a person who challenged society, but someone who uplifted a generation and unshackled brothers. Which one of your singles has done this? Where do we get our resolution, in a photo? Do you know the insult to history to those who mock, harm and accuse our community?

Unfortunately, there is a miseducation of an entire hip-hop generation. How insulting to get economic success and then make such an injurious act to your own history. We will not forget the people who insult the entire African American community. Those who deface, ignore and harm the historical significance of Malcolm X must be held accountable. You can’t hold a community back just for personal profit. This is childish act of ignorance. Minaj’s  actions will be perpetuated by others outside our community who’ll say, “Look at how they view themselves.”

There are those who challenge society and then those who placate “others” just to make themselves better. Nicki Minaj didn’t speak to the Malcolm X who had a transformation, who found Allah and was gunned down by his own brothers — which is another epidemic.

We must maintain freedom from incidents like this. The ACLU should be suing for damages for Malcolm X based on injurious depictions of his legacy and institutions. Apologies will not remove the stain. Is Minaj looking to be the Negro pet of others? She and many others continue to promote noxious and misogynistic behaviors. For us to continue to assimilate and erase our history, who will pay the debt to the legacy and those who have paved the way for you and others like you Nicki? Who is looking now Nicki? And who is looking back?



  1. Jason on February 21, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Ms. Minaj has apologized for her transgression against black people in this country who honor Malcolm. Her apology is way more than we get from city governments and individuals when they shoot us down in the streets, or talk slick about us in the media. Why are some of us only willing to hand out discipline when it involves another black person? We have enough oversears. If you don’t have the courage to call out EVERYONE who disrespects the black community – just sit down and shut up.

  2. Odot Smith on March 11, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    I agree Jason. I will be calling her out, only because I call out ALL of our black leaders…