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Assistant principal allegedly made a sextape at his elementary school


An assistant principal at an elementary school in Atlanta has resigned after school officials discovered that he recorded a sex tape at his school.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carnell Lee, 39, was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with a 28-year-old female co-worker, and their trysts took place inside his office at Deerwood Academy in Atlanta.

The two began having an affair shortly after the woman started working at the school last summer. As their relationship became more intense, the two would have sex while at the school.

In November, they made a sex tape inside Lee’s office at the school. However, the woman involved said she only had sex with Lee because he was her boss.  She said he threatened her job and attempted to extort money from her. The woman also called police and claimed that he was stalking her.

However, Lee says that their sexual relationship lasted for more than five months and the sex was always consensual because she told him that she loved him.

Both are no longer working with the Atlanta Public Schools and it is highly unlikely that further action will be taken by the school system.


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