Laz Alonso asks ‘what’s the big deal’ about Donald Sterling, Twitter reacts

Laz Alonso's Donald Sterling comments

Laz Alonso’s Donald Sterling comments

Laz Alonso is currently receiving the Tyrese Gibson treatment on Twitter for asking his followers what the “big deal” was about Donald Sterling. While the rest of the world was reeling over Sterling’s racist comments, Alonso questioned why a man “arguing wit [sic] his girl” was such a big topic of discussion. Much like Tyrese Gibson, who’s often blasted for his dense tweets, Alonso is getting obliterated in 140-characters or less.

“Why r they makin such a big deal about #DonaldSterling?” wrote Alonso in a tweet that has since been deleted.  He was arguing wit his girl who was clearly baiting him 2 say those things. In arguments of passion and despair people say horrible things they dont truly feel @ESPNLosAngeles #DonaldSterling.”

“Making racial comments when either #roadraging or #arguing with a lover does not count!!! #emotion #passion @NBA @ESPNLosAngeles,” he added.

“Everybody acts holier than thou until u do the same. Dude was feeling insecure. End of story!”

After being schooled by his followers who were dubbed him a “house n—–” among other things, Alonso backtracked a bit but the damage was already done.

“Alright yall [sic] have sent me a 10 year history on this dude, i’ll read it & see wassup [sic]. Cuz [sic] based on the recording he sounded like a hurt insecure dude,” wrote the actor.

When talking to another fan who laid him out for being vapid, Alonso offered this response; “That’s all I’m saying is it sounded like she kept steering him toward a topic she knew he would flop on. Not defending dude at all.”

Alonso is continuing to defend himself on his @LazOfficial Twitter account and blasting blogs for implying that he was “defending” Donald Sterling, when according to him he was simply asking a question. -danielle canada

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