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Anthony Anderson talks ABC’s new sitcom, ‘Black-ish,’ at Essence Festival


At the 20th Essence Festival, actor Anthony Anderson discussed in a private screening at the New Orleans Convention Center, what it really means to be black. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to figure out the answer but his new ABC sitcom, “Black-ish,” enlightens us a little.

In the show’s pilot, Anderson is introduced as the head of a six-member family. Tracee Ellis Ross plays his wife and his outspoken outspoken father is played by Laurence Fishburne

“On this show we are dealing with me teaching my children to see no color but be who they are. My son came home and said ‘I don’t feel black.’ It’s like what do you mean? You’re black. I’m black.

“… I don’t know what stereotypes there are in this show. It’s a successful, strong, black family. If that’s the stereotype, then I want that stereotype all over the TV all day everyday. We are just trying to bring back positive black television,” Anderson said.


Like the time Anderson’s real-life son asked him for a Bar Mitzvah to be like his Jewish friends — a scene we get to see played out in the pilot. Anderson, who co-created the show with longtime friend Kenya Barris, based a lot of the storylines on their real lives. For example, his disappointment in his son’s interest in wanting to play field hockey instead of basketball. joi pearson @joiapearson

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