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Jay Electronica blames drugs for his long hiatus


In 2009, it seemed as though all of hip-hop was waiting for Jay Electronica to assume the throne. The lyricist from New Orleans had just released his critically-acclaimed singles “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C,” and his skill and perspective had garnered him an almost-unprecedented amount of love and support from fans. When he signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation the following year, it was assumed that a debut album would be forthcoming. But it never came.

Electronica made headlines for his personal life — specifically his affair with billionaire heiress Kate Rothschild that resulted in her highly public and contentious divorce — and for the occasional appearance on tracks like Big Sean’s “Control.”

But in a recent interview with Revolt TV, Electronica explains that it was his addictions that kept him away from music.

“I backslid for a while,” Electronica says. “Got into druggin’ and drinkin’ and smokin’, but now I’m back, reformed. All praises due to Allah.”

He is slowly but surely reminding the world of all that promise he showed years ago. He and Jay Z released the track “We Made It” earlier this year to tremendous buzz and the two performed at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival last week, where Jay Z ceremoniously presented Jay Elec with his Roc Nation chain.

“I just wanted to come out today, clean, sober, and with my family,” Electronica said after the show. “[I’m] taking control of my life, taking control of the game.”

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