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Bambi opens up about her miscarriage

Bambi & Scrappy - S2S Cover

Sister 2 Sister

Although most people know Bambi for her reality TV fights on “Basketball Wives LA” and “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” fans got see an extremely vulnerable and fragile side of Bambi during this season of “LAHHATL” when she shared her miscarriage with Lil Scrappy’s child on camera. Since then, Bambi has rarely spoken about the miscarriage. But now Bambi is sharing details about her tragic miscarriage with the world and explaining how her story has helped her fans as well.

Bambi discussed the touchy subject in a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, explaining how she came to the decision to air her loss on TV.

“I did not think that would be something that I wanted to show. I thought about it and I talked to Scrap about it. I thought maybe this would be inspiring to some other woman and she could watch how we recovered from it,” Bambi explained.

Bambi also addressed the backlash she received from viewers, who claimed that miscarriage was fake or that she had undergone an abortion instead.

“I didn’t really think that people would think something like that would be made up for ratings or for a joke,” she said. “The fact that people thought that was made up was really disturbing to me. That was one of the reasons why we just decided to release the discharge papers and be totally open. I chose to do reality TV. I let them be a part of it.”

However, Bambi explains that she’s also received an outpouring of support from women who have been in the same situation and related to her storyline. And although Bambi’s storylines are usually far from positive, we commend her for giving a voice to women who have suffered miscarriages. – nicholas robinson



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  1. cutlerbay1 on July 28, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    You shouldn’t be telling anybody anything since you are not married and the man you were going to have a baby for has a daughter and he didn’t marry the mother of his child…..