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Israel at war over a lie?

Palestinians and Israelis war in Gaza Strip

Killing of three Israeli teens not done by Hamas

Evidence is mounting that the leading excuse that has led to the violent bloodshed in Gaza may have been inaccurate. Israel has invaded the Palestinian held West Bank territory over rocket attacks and the killing of three Israeli teenagers by what was suspected to be members of the terror group Hamas. In retaliation, a group of Israeli teens kidnapped and burned to death a Palestinian teenager. Soon afterwards, Hamas increased its rocket, mortar and missile attacks on Israeli cities and in response Israel launched its bloody invasion.

A top Israeli police official, Chief Inspector Micky Rosenfeld the foreign press spokesman for Israel Police has told the BBC that it was not a Hamas operation that killed the Israeli teens. According to the DailyDot, Rosenfeld states, “that the men responsible for murders were not acting on orders of Hamas leadership. Instead they are part of a ‘one cell.’ If Hamas’ leadership had ordered the kidnapping, we’d have known about it in advance.”

During the subsequent investigation over the kidnapping, Israel arrested over 400 Palestinian men and killed at least 10 people. This was a definite instigator for Hamas’ actions. As more evidence unfolds that Hamas may not be at fault in the case of the killing of the three Israeli teens, the Israeli government will have to rethink its invasion of the West Bank. In addition, it will have to explain to the world why so many civilians have died under a falsehood.

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