Essence Atkins talks ‘A Haunted House 2’ and her next TV movie


Essence Atkins stars alongside Marlon Wayans in A Haunted House 2 which was released on DVD recently. Excited about the release, she explains to rolling out why she loves working with Wayans and what else she is working on. Check out what Atkins has to say and what was the grossest  thing she remembers about making this film. joi pearson @joiapearson

What was the funniest or quirkiest things you remember about making this film?
There is a scene where Marlon and I, we vomit on each other at the same time and though it was rigged it was extremely disgusting. The projectile vomit was made of soup and it went everywhere, and we are supposed to act like we love it but it was so disgusting, but this is my job. So I had corn chowder and Marlon was pea soup, so yay, disgusting!

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