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Paula Patton puts final nail in coffin on marriage

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton - 2nd Cover

It’s been a rough ride for Paula Patton and her estranged husband, Robin Thicke, ever since they announced earlier this year that they were separating. Since then, Thicke went on a high-profile campaign to win Patton back, but it seems like his efforts have fallen on deaf ears and a broken heart because it’s just been revealed that Patton filed for divorce.

According to TMZ, Patton filed divorce papers in an L.A. court house recently, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Since she filed in L.A., where no fault divorces are normal, Thicke’s alleged infidelity won’t be an issue.

The divorce papers say that they legally separated on Feb. 21, and that their decision to split is “harmonious.” The couple also won’t have to worry about a custody battle because Patton is asking for joint custody of their son, Julian.

Well, clearly the couple took a great deal of time to think about this decision to divorce, but as they say, forever isn’t promised, even when you say in sickness and in health. We’re just glad that, for the sake of their son, their split isn’t nasty. – nicholas robinson


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  1. It happens on October 12, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    They were high school sweethearts. Used to be long lasting back in the day, but these days the type of person u date in high school is not someone you’ll be compatible with in your 30s, 40s and beyond. Your taste in partners change, certainly your needs in a relationship change from high school to adult yrs. I think they gave it a good try, but Robin probably never really experienced being a bachelor, which he probably needed to get it out of his system, and now he’s acting out.