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Meagan Good’s sexy fashion photos

Meagan Good Instagram 9

Meagan Good has mastered the art of balance. Following her marriage to famed preacher and film executive Devon Franklin, the “Think Like A Man Too” actress has dealt with much scrutiny from critical Christians who are stuck in their old rules. Good, who has always topped the list of sexy black actresses in Hollywood, surprisingly didn’t give up her sexy wardrobe for first lady suits. And while many may feel her style may be slightly inappropriate for the Sunday crowd, Good’s not budging on being who she is.

Enjoy our favorite sexy photos of Meagan Good on Instagram.


  1. butterbeanbabe on October 11, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    there goes OLD CIGARETTE BREATH WATER TIDDAY GOOD GIRL . POSEING LIKE A ESCORT GIRL . OR A PORN STAR .. just to think this woman is married to a preacher her husband must not be much of a man of god to allow your wife to be posing satisfying men like eyecandy at a strip show ..

    she need to work on her image cause he is getting real close to telling her ass he cant take it anymore .. strick one is he is young and his family is pressureing him so he gotta do something ..i bet you he ask her to tone it down and she said who gonna pay the bills … and he said honey i make good money ,, and she said yeh but this is what i doo with them porn lips of hers and tatooed mexican brows plasered on her forhead , this girl is so disgusting to me …

  2. butterbeanbabe on October 11, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    one of the issues is her husband has his foot in hollywood productions so he understands her brand would be over if she decided to dress like a lady but even kim kardashian wears nice long dresses that flatter her curves .. so megan good is makeing excuses not to change .. this will be the nail in the coffin for her marriage , unless this man is not the man of god he says he is .. we have enough fake preacher on tv we know how easy it is to collect a check .. and preach .. hell will be hot

    megan good is young in the mind ., most of her friends gabby union tajaji henson all are older than her but is just as childish she is if not more and make no since either so she couldnt get no advice from a bunch of desperados with low self worth la la anthony too

    megan good will always be a sex symbol to black men who thirst over her lips and butt .. and she knows this that is why roles are limited to her cause of her image . tyler perry has not used her in any of his films and i see why .. sexy dont always work everywhere

    her husband is pimping and preaching too .. oviiosly cause he could demand her to do better or loose a good man .. or is he a good man .. just cause he is labeled preacher . who knows … but she need to change her image have kids and sit down somewhere and chill