Lisa Wu explains why she left ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Lisa Wu - Hollywood Divas Cover

Wu on misconceptions about her

“See that’s the misconception and that’s the reason why I even signed up to do this show. People think that I came from reality. I started almost 20 years ago, I wrote a play that Tyler Perry directed 20 years ago. I wrote a movie, produced and starred in a movie back in 2000. I produced another television show that I was a host of. This is my home and because on ‘[Real] Housewives of Atlanta’ they didn’t allow me to say it on the first season. They wanted real character, I couldn’t say that I was an actress, I couldn’t say that I was a producer. I’m back to doing what I love, so I did it for that purpose. A lot of people didn’t know that but a lot of people in the industry know that.”

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