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Ferguson prepares for civil unrest, grand jury decision coming soon

Armored vehicle being transported  on North Florrisant Rd in Ferguson.
Armored vehicle being transported on North Florrisant Rd. in Ferguson.

There has been a strange ominous silence in mainstream media regarding what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri. As previously reported by rolling out, the city has been on edge awaiting a grand jury decision on the fate of officer Darren Wilson. In August 2014, officer Wilson shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown. The aftermath of Brown’s death led to rioting and the imposition of martial law in the city.

While the grand jury has been deliberating, there has been a steady stream of leaked and false information from unidentified sources close to the investigation. In recent news, multiple media sources have reported that charges against Darren Wilson seem unlikely.

There is every indication that a grand jury decision is eminent. Community activists, clergy and local leaders in the black community are asking that they be given advance notice of any decision. The request was made so that these community leaders could put tools in place to prevent civil unrest.

Helicopters flying in formation towards Ferguson on 11/07/2014
Helicopters flying in formation towards Ferguson on Nov. 7, 2014

However, on the main streets of Ferguson, flatbed trucks have been moving in unmarked armored vehicles. Just north of Ferguson, in the city of Kirkwood, video has emerged of helicopters flying in tight military formation. In addition, Ferguson police have significantly increased its purchase of riot control gear. Is something terrible getting ready to happen once again in Ferguson? Why is law enforcement and the Missouri National Guard on alert and preparing for civil unrest?

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