Multimedia entrepreneur Kimberly ‘Isis’ Thomas presents ‘Stronger’ for HBCU students

Kimberly Isis Thomas

Kimberly “Isis” Thomas is a multimedia entrepreneur and creator with more than 16 years in the media industry spanning fields as a media personality, speaker, website creator and radio personality. The founder of, a premier site for positive women, is touring HBCUs around the country with her latest production, “Stronger.”

“This idea came about after thinking of numerous ideas of how to lead and guide our black males. While pondering solutions, I got the revelation that our women are the answer,” shares Thomas. “Listening to Steve Harvey, he often says that, ‘A man will change for that one woman.’ This statement served as confirmation for me, women should not settle. So, it is obvious that we must strengthen our young women with enough confidence, self-worth and esteem to not accept the negative things that guys are offering. By making our young females stronger, our males will have to rise up to gain their respect.

“HBCU students will benefit greatly from this forum targeted at audience of young African American adults mainly females between the ages of 19-28,” says Thomas.

Read what else she has to say.

What is the purpose of the event?
The purpose of this event is to give women a platform to discuss issues freely and equip them with information to lead purposeful lives.

Who is your target audience?
Black women 18-45 years of age.

What do you expect attendees to gain or learn from this experience?
I expect women to feel liberated and self aware. As well as leaving with the necessary understanding to create a purposeful plan for their lives and taking the strength from their past experiences to use in their futures.

Why is this experience important?
This experience is an important instance of sisterhood and empowerment which will allow women to feel safe and realize that thy are not alone in their various issues.

What is your profession?
I am a media personality, author and public speaker.

Do you have a professional degree? If so, what is your highest level of education? What is your major?
My bachelors is in fine arts, which encompasses all of my professional endeavors.

What is your vision for “Stronger”?
I envision “Stronger” being a catalyst for liberating the mindsets of women to become self-aware, self-appreciating, and equipped to realize their full potentials.

What is your perspective on HBCU students?
I believe HBCU students have a special opportunity to embrace and learn about themselves in a positive way.

If there was one thing in the world you could change, what would it be?
I’d remove the “box” that we’ve been taught for so long to reside in, thereby freeing the mindsets of us all to live genuinely.

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