Will Darren Wilson return to duty if cleared?

darren wilson keeps job

Ferguson, Missouri, police chief Tom Jackson made an announcement to the media Friday that is sure to cause discussion. Jackson stated that officer Darren Wilson will be immediately returned to active duty if he is not indicted by a grand jury. Wilson has been on paid administrative leave since shooting and killing unarmed teen Michael Brown this past August. The chief wrote in an email that Wilson could return to duty with a “not yet determined assignment.” However, if the grand jury does indict Wilson then Jackson announced that Wilson would most likely be terminated if it is a felony.

The grand jury has been listening to testimony for almost three months regarding Brown’s death and there have been multiple leaks from law enforcement indicating that Wilson would not be indicted. The Brown family and attorneys have argued that there is more than enough evidence to charge Wilson and that the case should go to trial. Attorney Benjamin Crump states,“That way everybody would get their due process. The constitutional rights would be extended to the police officer, but also to Michael Brown Jr.”

The Ferguson community has been on edge since the shooting and while waiting on the grand jury decision. Hanging in the balance is also a determination by the FBI as to whether or not the shooting violated any federal civil rights laws. The Ferguson Police Department has not launched an internal affairs investigation over the shooting and has also violated their own reporting standards regarding the incident. The Ferguson Police Department’s written orders state that a use of force report must be submitted after all incidents like the Brown shooting. As of this week neither Wilson nor the department had filed this report. In response, the police chief has stated “Typically an administrative investigation waits until the criminal one is over. In this case, it will be difficult anyway since county police departments and the FBI have all the evidence and witnesses.”

Neither the Brown family onr their attorneys have responded to the police chief’s statement. If Darren Wilson returns to the police force in Ferguson, the community will have to deal with the emotional scars of Brown’s death and the ensuing violence that followed.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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  1. lets pray for fergusion cause you aint seen no REVOLUTION TIL .they let that redneck off the hook …. and that is the problem cause personally i think we need to target the cause at the core get rid of the mayor and all his klan ,,city hall overhaul , police chief the first out the door … that is why voting is so important , blacks got so much power in the elections .. they put blacks in these positions and turn them in to uncle toms
    the few who do get in .. rip mike brown

  2. Why wouldn’t he be put back on the streets? The people of Ferguson have been disrespected and abused for years by the police. I will go so far as to say Officer Wilson will even patrol the same streets he shot Michael Brown on. Now that is a cold message for our Black a$$es!

  3. notice how st louis is jumpin the gun… just cause they are the larger city next door to ferguson , >? protesting is good , but violence want get justice here , but it will let them know that this shit is not tolerated you cant just shoot a man down unless he is threating the public they let adam lanza walk out the school go to his car and get another gun to kill his self???? he shot his self cops watch why didnt he get shot down , since he just killed innocent kids ? cause he a kid? white kid? or non black ? or all …
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