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‘X Factor’s’ Mel B a victim of domestic violence?



Just last month, “X Factor” judge Mel B was gushing over her marriage with Stephen Belafonte. But now rumors are flying that their marriage is in serious trouble and that Belafonte recently attacked Mel.

According to the Sun newspaper, Mel missed the semi-finals of the UK “X Factor” due to an unspecified illness this past weekend. However, she showed up to the taping of the finals the next day and allegedly had bruises on her arms and face. Mel also allegedly showed up without her wedding ring on.

Soon after rumors began flying that Mel had suffered abuse at the hands of Belafonte and, according to Us Weekly, Mel’s own sister, Danielle Brown, added fuel to the fire by now-deleted tweets during Mel’s supposed illness about going to the press with recordings of what she called “abusive” phone calls Belafonte had allegedly made to Mel in the past week unless he allowed her and her mother to talk to Mel.

Rumors also claimed that Mel was moving out of their home and Us Weekly confirmed that luggage and boxes were being taken away from their home on Monday.

However, Belafonte is calling the rumors untrue and he opened up about them recently on Twitter. Read what he had to say after the cut. –nicholas robinson


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  1. MISSYCAT(YOUBESTIABELIEVEIT on December 17, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    this dude always look the suspect to me. he has a history of beating women and put his hands on women all the time in Melb knew that before she married him,he had a history of beating up women so Mel B you better run fast because your sister told you on twitter that the family didn’t like him , in the first place and you cut all ties with your family just because you didn’t want to hear the truth about mr. Belafonte .this is not healthy for your daughters . I hope you find peace somehow, I hope those girl empowerment songs That you all were singing with the Spice Girls ( and that one word you always say girl power, girl please!! hurry up and leave this doctor evil looking dude you need to be you living up to your words GIRL POWER !!!!!! .