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KUSDEM drops new EP, ‘TENEMY’

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.40.36 PM

Fueled by the ever-common “coming of age” period, KUSDEM’s latest EP TENEMY is nothing shy of a quality artistic perspective encompassing the everyday hustle in pursuit of the American Dream. The double entendre title TENEMY represents 1: the 10 diverse lyric driven-melodic songs featured on the EP(10-of-me) and 2: I am my own worst enemy.

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The EP features production credits from several noted producers. One of whom is K.E. On the Track From Beat Mechanics, responsible for Rick Ross’ hit single Devil Is A Lie and many more. KUSDEM’s TENEMY, is filled with infectious tunes and witty wordplay that are sure to create a musical haven that will demand your full attention.

Check out the EP below and look out for more dope music from KUSDEM.