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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 8 best moments

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Khadiyah starts a war with Joc’s babies’ mamas

All four of Joc’s babies’ mamas are friends with each other and they regularly meet up from time to time to check in  and have fun. However, their evening of fun is cut short when Joc brings Khadiyah to their meeting and she immediately begins bad mouthing Sina. The mamas band together and explain to Khadiyah that she’s out of line and a fool for believing that Joc is exclusively hers and that she can disrespect them. Joc passively sits by and lets Khadiyah get slammed and she ends up leaving him with his babies’ mamas as she walks out. The next day, Joc comes home and finds that not only has Khadiyah changed the locks, but she also kicks him out and tells him that if he wants her back, he’s going to work overtime to prove it to her.

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