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Creative Cypher presents #CypherLive at Blue 1647

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Photo by Eddy “Precise” Lamarre for Steed Media Service

So much can be said about the level of talent here in Chicago. When we take a moment to ponder the names associated with the multitude of talent from this city we can start with the likes of Quincy Jones all the way to Kanye West. Talent has never been the issue; however, opportunities have always been a challenge when it comes to sourcing these talents and showcasing them before the world.

The Creative Cypher is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Chicago. Recently, I attended Creative Cypher’s event #CypherLive, which is their bimonthly flagship event. This event focuses on celebrating the accomplishments and the works of all artists and performers of all mediums, everything from film and music, to comedy. Ultimately, it is a high-powered networking event that stresses the concept of community when it comes to the arts and provides support when it comes to creating content and distribution. It supplies the opportunity that may have seemed scarce in the past when it comes to Chicago artists.

Troy Pryor, the founder of Creative Cypher, says, “We all need to create our own content. And in addition to empowering each other, we can be of service to a broader community of future artists.”

Photo Courtesy of Troy Pryor of Creative Cypher

Photo courtesy of Troy Pryor of Creative Cypher

This month’s #CypherLive featured actress, director, playwright and Golden Globe winner Regina Taylor and was held at Blue 1647. Blue 1647 is a technology innovation center that operates as an incubator and provides the space, education and technology to enhance and train youth and adults through workshops and programs that will prepare them for high demand jobs. Creative Cypher and Blue 1647 work in concert to make the idea of working together and providing opportunities to a community of artists a reality.


Photo by Eddy “Precise” Lamarre

This group of content creators within the Creative Cypher are on a mission to increase access and promote diversity within the entertainment industry.

The Creative Cypher and Blue 1647 are providing a much-needed service to the community of film makers and artists and are creating a pool of skilled and talented individuals that will surely continue this legacy of greatness that exists in Chicago.

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