Will Nick Gordon be charged with manslaughter?

Photo Credit: Nick Gordon's Twitter (@nickdgordon)
Photo credit: Nick Gordon’s Twitter (@nickdgordon)

With the passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown earlier this week, her longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is not only in the hot seat over accusations that he abused and stole money from her, he’s also under the watchful eye of the police as they investigate him in what has now turned into a murder case over Brown’s death. Now, a report is claiming that the DA is looking to charge Gordon with manslaughter.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say that the DA wants to charge Gordon with manslaughter for acquiring the drugs that Brown used the same day she was found unconscious in a bathtub in January.

Gordon has reportedly admitted already that both he and Brown were doing drugs the morning she nearly drowned, but investigators are struggling to prove that it was Gordon who obtained the drugs and the recent toxicology reports on Brown will only show if she had drugs in her system, but not who gave her the drugs.

However, investigators may get a break in the case thanks to Gordon’s friend, Max Lomas. As previously reported, Lomas was also in Brown’s house the day she nearly drowned and it’s very possible that he knows who secured the drugs Brown and Gordon used that day.

The one snag in the plan to pull information from Lomas is that he’s already being prosecuted in Georgia for two drug-related felonies, neither of which are connected to Brown. But the DA plans to use the felony cases to offer Lomas a deal in which Lomas will get probation for the charges and immunity in the Brown case as long as he spills the beans on what happened on that fateful day in her home.

With Lomas’ help, prosecutors plan to prove that it was Gordon who obtained the drugs and that he acted recklessly with the knowledge that Brown had a drug problem and would likely overindulge in the drugs he’d secured for her.

Well, things don’t look so good for Gordon, right now, but that’s why he hired Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Angel Baez last month to help keep him out of jail. Baez successfully defended Anthony against a murder charge in the death of her young daughter. Anthony was acquitted in July 2011 after a highly publicized trial.



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