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The 3 methods to heal the Black community of anger and jealousy


Reduction of anger is a key aspect to surviving attacks of insecurity, jealousy and mayhem. There are individual ideas that are suppressed like jealousy and anger and there are keys to being able to remove this from the African American community. Flowers possess the ability to transform what is sparse and provide identity to an environment. Likewise, artwork and paintings have the ability to transform the thinking of the inhabitants of the abode.

Huge murals that are around the country speak quietly and strongly to encourage a complex environment to absorb the messages of the artist.

It is here that the Wall of Respect breathes life into Chicago. Further, the John Lewis mural and his purpose stand in Atlanta. Both give courage to those peaceful soldiers who understand that the crime is not in our blackness; the strength is in our unity and the value of our lives needs to be broadcasted so that we love one another versus annihilating one another.

The art in our environment implores us to think about our circumstances.

It is here that Haki Madhubuti, the publisher of the oldest running black press Third World, talks about the Negro being in charge. Surround ourselves with our word like the poems by Sonia Sanchez. Poems even by Gwendolyn Brooks, who wrote poems to evaluate our circumstances.

We must surround ourselves with our art. Add flowers, art and poetry to your community, to your home, into your thought path in order to save and revitalize our black community with the voice of love.