Ferguson: Oath Keepers will arm 50 Black protesters with assault rifles

Unidentified OathKeepers member (Photo Source: political groove@twitter)
Unidentified OathKeepers member (Photo source: political [email protected])

The anti-government, pro-gun rights group Oath Keepers is getting ready for a special demonstration on the streets of Ferguson. Despite police and city officials declaring their presence on the chaotic streets of Ferguson as “unnecessary and inflammatory” the group is not backing down. The Missouri chapter leader Sam Andrews has stated that it will arm 50 Black demonstrators with AR-15 assault rifles. This action is a challenge to Missouri’s open carry law.

“It will be an iconic event,” Andrews said, comparing it to the raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima or the Martin Luther King Jr.-led March on Washington, D.C.  The Black demonstrators will be surrounded by members of Oath Keepers.“Every person we talked to said if they carried they’d be shot by police. That’s the reason we’re going to hold this event and it will be a legal demonstration, I’m sick and tired of law enforcement who doesn’t think they have to abide by the law. They’re narcissistic and that guy [Belmar] discredited my men.”

According to Andrews, they were initially invited to Ferguson at the request of two reporters to protect them from violent protesters.

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