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Dating while living with your parents

Black woman with parents

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With the economy in its current state, more and more people are living at home with their parents to make ends meet. It can make dating a challenge for several reasons. If you meet someone who has their own place and is financially stable, they may frown upon the fact that you live with a parent or parents. They may feel like you are trying to hop from there into their place and be a freeloader if things turn serious. You may feel like, out of respect, you need to go home late at night after a lovemaking session so you do not make it seem like you are out whoring. Having sex in your parents’ home is likely out of the question, and should be in my opinion.

Then you have the really difficult situation when both adults still live at home with their parents. Where can you have privacy, even to have personal conversations, rather less get it in? Some people pony up for hotel rooms, or go over a friend’s (not a good look after a certain age) and some have sex in cars (definitely not a good look after a certain age and they could also get arrested). I often get emails where one of the parties is trying to save up to get a place so that they can be alone with their mate. Basically, that is the sole reason they are willing to take on that extra financial burden. But is that fair to both parties? Won’t the other person likely end up spending so much time there that it will become offensive that they are not paying a part of the rent and utilities? Is this a recipe for disaster?

DWLWP (dating while living with parents) is becoming more and more commonplace these days. It is one thing to have a roommate and struggle for time on the communal sofa or take turns going out so the other can have a romantic dinner by candlelight. It is another thing altogether when you call your roommates “Mom” and “Dad.” Do you think it makes sense for two people living at home with their parents to try to date each other? Have you had this experience or would you be willing to be with someone who lives at home? Let me hear your thoughts.