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Master P slams Kobe Bryant for Lamar Odom’s coma

Master P/YouTube Screenshot
Master P/YouTube Screenshot

Lamar Odom’s life has been hanging in the balance since Tuesday when he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel in what reports allege may have been a drug overdose. Since being rushed to the hospital, Odom’s former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant rushed to his side as all hope and pray for his survival. However, rapper Master P recently weighed in on the situation and blamed Bryant for Odom’s health crisis.

In a recent interview with TMZ, P explained his friendship with Odom and claimed that many of the people around Odom don’t have his best interest at heart.

“It’s a sad situation. A sad situation. I was like a mentor to him and it’s just sad to see what’s going on,” Master P told photographers. “The truth of the matter is…so many phony and fake people are out there now. It goes to show when something happens to you: Everybody’s your friend, everybody loves you. But, was that true? I don’t think so. You know what I’m saying?”

Photographers asked P if he was talking about the Kardashians, but P clarified that he was talking about Bryant.

“All this man wanted to do was play basketball,” Master P said. “Kobe was his friend — Kobe owned the team. He could’ve gotten the man back on the team — that’s what [Lamar] wanted. Even on that situation, I think he was just searching for love. His biggest problem was…where the people at that he showed love to? He has a big heart. It’s phony, man.”

P then added, “I come from the streets, I keep it real. If you were my friend, if you cared about me that much…why didn’t you get him into training camp? They should’ve been there, if you loved him. They should’ve helped him out – he was a hell of a player. I think he should’ve been at least the 8th man on the Lakers this season.”

P then spoke about Odom’s relationship with his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, who has been by Odom’s side since Tuesday, and P claimed that the NBA “blackballed” him for getting into reality TV and that the Kardashians used him.

“I feel like he just got taken advantage of the whole time,” P said before sending out a warning to Kardashian’s current flame, James Harden. “Maybe this might be an example to all of the other NBA players out there. Maybe the James Hardens, maybe to whoever.”

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