Bullying can be stopped, says writer Auguste Moone

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Fighting bullying has become the mission of Auguste Moone.  His book, The Stand Up Crew, explores the topic in depth.
Tell us about your education and certifications.
I have a master’s degree in education from Cleveland State University, and a master’s degree in exercise science from Cleveland State University.
What was your experience like as a teacher? 
As a teacher in the Cleveland Municipal School District, I constantly witnessed children struggling to meet the social demands and life challenges of their environments. I’ve noticed that children are born strong but oftentimes become weakened through a lack of fulfillment of basic needs (food, clothing, etcetera), neglect, inadequate support from parents and elders, and a lack of spiritual development and understanding. I often sought out innovative ways to speak to the inner spirit of children to help them see the possibilities in their future through focusing on their innate talents and developing those talents to the fullest extent possible.
How did you handle bullying in the classroom?
Bullies were constantly present all around the school building and regularly showed their presence in my classrooms. When this occurred, I took it as a tolerance teaching opportunity, helping the bully to understand that bullying someone based on their differences or just for pure entertainment negatively affected everyone. This helped the bully to understand that the roles of bullying situations can easily change and in the next classroom they could be the victim and would bear the brunt of someone else’s “just having fun” moment.
What motivated you to write about bullying? 
I was motivated to write about bullying based on my own experiences being bullied in the public school setting growing up as a disabled boy in rural Alabama coupled with my teaching experiences in various urban schools. Seeing the suffering of many victims and remembering my own, I wanted to develop a tool that helped children understand their roles in bullying situations and embrace the concept of helping each other instead of hurting one another to boost one’s own self-esteem and self-worth.
What is the real strategy to end bullying?
My strategy to end bullying involves helping young people unite in small communities to support each other not only in bullying scenarios but in life scenarios. The notion that “a friend in needs is a friend indeed” holds true for children and adults in that no potential bully wants to cause harm to those who genuinely support them.
Why is bullying getting so much attention today?
Bullying is getting a lot of attention today because we have access to be witnesses to bullying acts now more than ever. Social media has allowed bullies to garner an even greater boost in their self esteem by publicizing their menacing act to a wider audience, oftentimes anonymously
What are your thoughts on adults being bullied in the work place?
Research and statistics show that children who are bullies, more often that not, grow up to be adults who are bullies at home and at work. Bullies tend not to learn or develop a true understanding of the net effects of their bullying actions on the lives of others. As the bullying epidemic grows in schools and on the playgrounds, it will inevitably grow in the workplace because all of those childhood bullies grow into stronger and more obnoxious coworkers who are bigger, stronger, and more craftier bullies than they were as children. However, adults who are being bullied in the workplace have more opportunities legally and through company policies and procedures to combat incidences of bullying to end the detrimental scenarios in their work lives
In the next five years, where do you see bullying in our society? 
For the next five years, I believe that bullying will continue unless we as small communities address the epidemic with programs like “Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together” which help individuals form positive support groups that address not only bullying but life issues.
Tell us about your other books.
I have written a children’s book series that also addresses the bullying epidemic entitled The Boogymen, which teaches children ages 5- 10 years to overcome bullying situations and develop that “can do attitude” when faced with adversity. I have also written a children’s book series that address eating healthy foods titled The Forgotten Treasures and another that address exercise and movement entitled The Adventures of Kenny The Couch Potato that are set to launch in the near future.
What else can the literary world expect from you?

The literary world can expect stories that teach, entertain, and help readers develop a good understanding of issues facing our children, teens and adults featuring viable solutions that actually work.

The Stand Up Crew is available at www.amazon.com.

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