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5 clues that your man is cheating on you

Atlanta author Antoinette Smith (promo photo via Antoinette Smith)

Atlanta author Antoinette Smith (Promo photo via Antoinette Smith)

Atlanta author and self-proclaimed proud side bish (beautiful, intelligent, successful and happy side chick) Antoinette Smith doesn’t have much advice for women thinking their man is faithful. “I don’t believe men are faithful, but there are some situations where he could be better than others,” she says.

Since launching T-shirts and promotional materials celebrating her relationship with her married boyfriend, Smith says married women and girlfriends have been hitting her social media asking how they can tell if their man has started recruiting a girlfriend or if he already has one.

According to Smith here are five telltale signs that your man either has a side chick or is looking for one:

  1. Intuition – According to Smith, a woman’s intuition is the strongest clue. If you have a hunch your man is cheating, nine times out of ten he is.
  2. Check his temperature about his phone – A faithful man or a man that has nothing to hide, is not sensitive about his phone.
  3. Calling you nosy – If he calls you nosy when you ask questions, or responds in a defensive manner, Smith says ten times out of ten this is a sign he is cheating.
  4. If he is constantly pointing out your flaws – “Women need to realize its never their fault when a man cheats. Everyone has control of their own behavior. If he is accusing you on the regular, he is looking for a scape goat for his actions.
  5. If he’s being distant – if your man is distant or isn’t pressed to be with you physically, Smith says this is a sure fire sign that his attention is being spent elsewhere.

Smith says there is nothing a woman can do to stop her man from cheating, because we all have freedom of choice. She says if a wife does believe her man is looking elsewhere, the best thing she can do is treat him well and don’t think about the other women. “If more wives would give their men physical attention and stroke their ego; like make him feel that he is the man at all times. I don’t know if the men would stop cheating but they would treat them better,” she says.

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  1. Nigg.Newton on October 31, 2015 at 10:23 am

    A bit too trivial —

    HERE is an easier way to MAKE SURE YOUR MAN doesn’t cheat…GIVE him an overload, of ATTENTION…and Bedroom RELATIONS.

    Men cannot handle that much physical attention!!!

    Problem SOLVED!